As described on the Location page, the wedding will take place at La Suite Boutique Hotel on the island of Procida. The hotel has a capacity of 50 - 60 people, with rooms that range in price from 199 - 352€ per night. A summary of their available rooms, their prices, and occupancy, is listed in the table below. While their prices are relatively high, a stay at La Suite comes with the added convenience of not having to "leave" the party to return to your room. However, there are many alternatives to La Suite that are ~15 minutes away by foot, and several <5 minutes away by foot.


If you decide to book with La Suite, please use the wedding code WED21JM. This provides a 5% discount, but is also absolutely necessary to input to book during the period of our wedding, as we've booked the entire hotel for the the night before and the night of the wedding. You will not be able to book September 12th or 13th at La Suite if you do not enter the wedding code.

rooming list _ JILDA & MATHIEU.jpg