Let's move backwards, that way we all start on the same travel team, and then start to splinter off once we get to the airport of Naples...

Once in Procida

Most hotels offer a shuttle service from the port to the hotel. There are also taxis, which can cost from 12-15€, depending on the trajectory. Alternatively, almost any part of the island is a 30 minute walk from the other part.

Port of Naples to Procida

There are two types of ferries that go to Procida: a slow ferry (CAREMAR) which takes 1 hour and 30 minutes, and can accept cars (only Procida residents can bring a car to Procida); and a fast ferry (SNAV) which takes 1 hour (passengers only). You can review the ferry schedule here. You can buy tickets online in advance, or directly at the port.

Naples Airport to the Port of Naples

 Bus The Alibus departs from just outside the airport and arrives to the port of Naples in abuout 40 minutes for about 5€ per person.


Pre-arranged shuttle If enough guests are interested and arriving at similar times, we can arrange transport via La Suite from the airport straight to the to the hotel.

Now for the hard part: how to get to Naples. Everyone has their favorite way to fly, companies to which their loyal, and amenities they can and can't live without. In addition, we know many of you may want to make a more extended trip out of this jaunt to Magna Grecia. This makes it difficult for us to tell you exactly how it would be best to travel.


For that reason, we've just included links to kayak searches for selected dates around the wedding (June 30 - July 4) to give you a place to start. We would be very happy to provide advice regarding your travel to Naples.


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.