Jilda & Mathieu

It was September 2017, and a Frenchman was lost in Trieste, Italy. Well, lost is one way to put it - he was just eager to get back into a talk at the Past Antarctic Ice Sheet (PAIS) conference. Then there was this Italian, well, not really Italian - perhaps American. Puerto Rican? Italian-speaker. New Yorker? Undefined. Needless to say, the other Italians had greater confidence in the English of these two strangers in the night, than in their own, and so the two were thrust into the position of moderating a science communication workshop that they both had helped to organize, without knowing that the other had been involved. They faked it 'till they made it, ultimately rocking as MCs. After the workshop, she showed off her nascent French to him, before ordering his pizza for him in Italian, to be sure the Parmesan was excluded (despite his patrimony, he hates cheese). He said he was moving to Berlin; "oh my best friend lives there", she said, giving him her email.

No one knows how it came up, but weeks later, it was revealed that they would both be in Berlin for Halloween. They decided to celebrate the event with a joint costume. While they never reached the party they intended to attend to show off their costumes, they opted instead, to make their entire life a party.

Living in two different countries is difficult for a relationship, but they made it work, meeting in Lyon, Berlin, Berlin, Berlin (she came to Berlin a lot..), Padua and then: with 2.5 suitcases and several bottles of Jenever from Amsterdam in tow, in May 2018, while he was still en route home from the Himalayas, she was secretly shuttled in the night from Berlin Hauptbahnhof to his apartment by a tall East German.


She never left.

Mathieu Casado goes by many nouns: a scientist, a physicist, a glaciologist; a chef, a handyman, a whiskey aficionado.


Jilda Caccavo is also difficult to pigeonhole: a marine biologist, a geneticist, an ecologist; a cat lady, a mixologist, a farmer.

...and many more.

Some of these nouns they share, some they compliment. The adjectives go on as well, but far be it for the writers to light their own candles..

You can learn more about Jilda and Mathieu by visiting their websites, asking their friends, or asking them directly. Between them, they speak French, English and Italian, with a little bit of Russian, German, Greek, Spanish and Japanese thrown in, so feel free to reach out in any of those language! They look forward to hearing from you, and more importantly, to seeing you, in Procida.