What about Covid?

Right - we're in the middle of a global pandemic. Or perhaps on the tail-end, depending on when you're reading this.

We are keenly aware that we are organizing an international wedding amidst the worst period in modern history to travel, or converge in large groups.

As of writing in early January 2021, and at the time that wedding planning began in summer/fall 2020, we are hopeful that come July 2021, borders will be open, and a critical mass of the population (including hopefully most of you!) will be vaccinated against Covid. Thus both the health and bureaucratic risks related to travel will be vastly decreased.

Of course, we remain cognizant of the fate of the best laid plans of mice and men. For this reason, in our contract with the wedding venue, we have stipulated that if for any reason the main countries of provenance of our guests (France, the United States, and Germany) are restricted from entering Italy, then we will postpone the marriage to a later date (through to the end of 2022).


Through this website, as well as via personal communications, we will keep all invited guests updated on any potential changes in the scheduling of the wedding.

In the Travel and Lodging sections of this website we provide suggestions for travel itineraries from certain hubs from which our invitees are traveling. In addition, we provide information regarding hotels where you can book your stay, including the hotel where the marriage will take place (La Suite), as well as nearby hotels, and discount codes where available.

Given the Covid situation, most travel is modifiable (even the cheap ticket options). Before booking your tickets for Procida, make sure that this is the case. Regarding the hotels, if you use websites like booking.com, there are often options to fully cancel reservations until a certain amount of time prior to the booking dates. For the hotels (like La Suite) for which discount codes are available for booking via their website, we have confirmed that reservations can be modified in the event of a Covid-related postponement of the wedding.

All that said, even if all the borders are open and everyone is vaccinated, there are still inherent airborne infectious disease risks at a gathering such as a wedding. We expect approximately 100 guests, and we will all be kissing and hugging one another, dancing, drinking each other's drinks, and eating each other's food. You will have to make an informed decision as to whether your risk-level is ready to handle this level of human-exposure, and of course, individuals can take certain precautions (e.g. not sharing food and drinks, avoiding hugging and kissing, dancing junior-high school distance from others, etc.). One important point that should reduce risk exposure somewhat, particularly from airborne sources, is that, barring inclement weather (the probability of which, in Procida, in early July, is quite low), all ceremonies, meals, and festivities will take place outside.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding Covid and travel planning.